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By Cynthia Miller (aka Baby Cindi) and Sabrina Belle (Miss Skitch)

The classic comic strip hero finally comes to roleplaying!

Plunge head-first into the four-colored world of America's most recognized sleuth! From busting up crooks to solving elaborate cases, the Dick Tracy rpg game enables you to do it all! This is comic strip action at it's best, so grab your tommy gun, put on your yellow fedora and hit the streets! What are you waiting for?

Ahhhhhh, the comic strips. Those four-color tales of action and adventure that kept America enthralled back in a day and age when there was no cable television, video games or the internet. Each and every day, millions of people all across the country would eagerly open their newspapers to the funnies to catch the latest installment of their favorite comic strip characters. From Little Orphan Annie to Terry & The Pirates, there was something for everybody in the world of the comic strips.

But one comic strip in particular always stood out from the rest.

You guessed it-----Dick Tracy!

Why did it stand out? Well, there is a couple of reasons.

First, Dick Tracy was the only comic strip of the day that portrayed realistic violence. Chester Gould (creator/primary writer and artist of the strip) pulled no punches. His stories depicted the underworld as it truly was; rough, brutal and dangerous. He certainly didn't glamorize it like many motion pictures and magazines of the 1930's did. Instead, Gould took a hard-edged approach, even if it meant getting morbid with some of the stories.

Secondly, the story-telling was masterful. No other strip could captivate the reader like Dick Tracy. The plots were sharp, the panel layouts were appealing and the characters were memorable. Each and every Dick Tracy story was intriguing. I've personally never read a truly bad one.


  • 8-23-00: Chapter 5: Mugshots and Profiles has been reformatted. Due to technical difficulties, this chapter has been down until today.

Important Note

The Dick Tracy rpg is not a computer game, nor is it a play-by-email game. It is a traditional "pen and paper" roleplaying game, intended for two or more participants.


Unlike most free-on-the-internet roleplaying games, the Dick Tracy rpg will not end with this "book". In fact, this is only the beginning! As time goes on, we will be periodically releasing new supplements also available from this website.

To top it all off, we encourage you to send us any ideas, suggestions or even entire articles for the game. You will be given full credit for any contributions. Drop us an email


Dick Tracy is a registered copyright of Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Dick Tracy artwork is copyright Tribune Media Services, Inc. 2000. This game, in no way, is meant to challenge said copyright and trademark. It is a free game, thus no profit is being made. The Drama Game System is copyright Spectrum Games, Ltd. 2000.


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