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The Main Rulebook


This rulebook is divided up into five chapters. Feel free to read the chapters in whatever order you like, but if you wish to only participate as a player and never be the Narrator also known as the Gamemaster), then you are advised to read the first three chapters. If you really feel the need, you can also read Chapter Four : Narrating.

Chapter One : Introduction

This Chapter is mostly for those with little or no roleplaying experience.

Chapter Two : Characters

This chapter details the character creation process. This can be used to create any character you can dream up.

Chapter Three : The Drama System
This section presents all the core game mechanics and rules. Everything you need to know about the system can be found here.

Chapter Four : Narrating
The definitive place to find info on running games; from creating interesting NPCs to designing a Dick Tracy series..it's
all right here.

Chapter Five : Mug Shots and Profiles
This is a source of information on a handful of characters, including their stats. Many of these are taken directly from the Dick Tracy comic strips, while others have been designed specifically for this game.

This is the place to go for all the little odds and ends such as weapon stats and quick reference charts.

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